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Remote meter readings allow you to access better quality data more often. Rather than waiting to gather insights and discover problems, you now have the power to evaluate the effects of your improvements more frequently.

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READy is an effective and high-performing system for remote reading that can be used to collect data from smart meters and devices. With READy, you get fast and easy access to the consumption data needed to facilitate a fair and accurate billing as well as data that can be used to reduce Non-Revenue Water, optimize operations and improve customer services.

USB Meter Reading

The Kamstrup USB Meter Reader is a low-cost solution that reads water meters quickly and easily. Your system will be fully operational in 15 minutes or less with meter readings taken within seconds. With regular readings, you can save water, gain time and improve service.

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Remote meter reading increases the quality of your data and makes it easier to analyze as you can look at consumption and supply data from readings made at the same time. The increased reading frequency lets you evaluate the effects of your improvements and discover problems much sooner instead of just once a year.


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