About Us

HydroCorp Meter Sales, LLC is an Authorized Distributor of Kamstrup Water Meters and related Technologies. It is our duty to provide the most precise and comprehensive technical services in the industry. It also means delivering those services with expert knowledge, professionalism, and sensitivity to budgets and schedules – the highest standard of project oversight, combined with the highest value.

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Core Competencies

HydroCorp Meter Sales is supported by the trusted 40-year history of HydroCorp, the Safe Water Authority and over 400 public water system clients.

Meet the Team

We believe the secret to truly successful work is working with the right people

Paul Patterson

Senior Vice President

Mr. Patterson joined HydroCorp, Inc. in 2004, and is responsible for development and implementation of HydroCorp’s sales and growth strategies in the municipal and industrial markets.  Before joining HydroCorp, Mr. Patterson was a member of the U.S. Air Force, where he served as a Utility Systems Specialist and was responsible for operating and maintaining potable water systems and wastewater collection systems both at home and abroad. Mr. Patterson is an American Society of Sanitary Engineers certified instructor and regularly presents at national and regional water industry association conferences.

Chris Johnson

Senior Sales Representative

Mr. Johnson joined HydroCorp Meter Sales in 2019 and is responsible for meter sales in our Michigan market. Mr. Johnson has over 27 years of experience with water metering solutions.  During that time Mr. Johnson has managed meter installation and system implementation programs for municipalities and private water systems of all sizes around the country.  Our goal at HydroCorp Meter sales is to be your most trusted partner helping you make informed decisions that are best for your metering system

Craig Wolf

Sales Representative 

Craig Wolf, New CCC Program development and Water Meter Replacement Sales in the Midwest Region. Since 2009 at HydroCorp, he was responsible for identification of hazards and deficiencies and determining proper recommendations for over 130 municipal client cross-connection control programs in Wisconsin. Certified by ASSE for Cross-Connection Control Surveying, Craig applies years of field experience to offering solutions for public water systems that are cost effective. In the past 6 years, Craig has been focused on municipal client retention efforts. Craig also leads development of new HydroCorp business relations for Cross-Connection Control Programs and Eastern Wisconsin Kamstrup Water Meter Solutions.

James Clevenger

Sales Representative 

Mr. Clevenger has been experienced with Public Water Systems, water metering and system maintenance for over 25 years. Jim maintains several certifications including Water Distribution Operator, Water Treatment and Wastewater System Operator. With strengths in problem solving, education and instruction, he shares a wealth of knowledge with regional water systems in Western Lower Michigan. As an active member of Regional Rural Water Associations, Jim also participates in local AWWA Chapters and is current AWWA Standards Committee Chair- Protective coatings for valves and hydrants. (C550)

Eastern Wisconsin

Full Service Meter Sales & Installation Available

HydroCorp Meter Sales  now offers Kamstrup meters and complete installation services from central to eastern Wisconsin. HydroCorp Meter Technicians also have the training and experience to perform State of Wisconsin mandated cross-connection control inspections while onsite replacing a water meter.